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shower Trays

Shower Trays

Shower trays, also known as shower bases, form the foundation of a shower enclosure. They come in a wide variety of materials, dimensions, shapes & styles, and are made to match the wide variety of shower enclosures available.


Materials include ceramic, enameled steel, laminated wood, marble or natural stones, resin stone
(sometimes called cast stone), reinforced acrylic sheet, acrylic capped ABS sheet, and acrylic-capped high
density foamed resin. Plastics technology is developing all the time and there may be other materials on
the horizon.

Traditional trays are available in a ceramic material. These are thick-walled and robust and very heavy.
Almost as equally heavy are trays manufactured from resin stone. This is a careful blend of resins and
chalky stone minerals capped with a highly polished gel coat or an acrylic capped ABS sheet. Lighter
weight trays are available in reinforced acrylic, acrylic-capped high density foamed resin or SMC (Sheet
Molding Compound).

Reinforced Acrylic Trays

● A popular and inexpensive shower tray.
● Traditional high wall tray.
● Excellent thermoforming properties.

This shower tray is made of acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass. These acrylic trays are lightweight and are usually resistant to stains and scratches. Many have a textured surface to make them resistant to slips and falls. Reinforcement with fiberglass and sometimes wooden board offer extra strength and durability.


Stone Resin Tray with Foam Filling

● Low profile (40-45mm high) which offers a sleek and elegant look.
● Lightweight and yet strong.

The stone resin tray with foam filling, it creates the minimalistic look whilst being lighter than traditional stone resin trays. This tray is light enough to be carried and installed by one person and also includes mineral torsion beams for extra rigidity.

Natural Stone Trays

● Carved from solid granite/marble block
● Easy to clean and anti slip

A shower tray of natural stone would start out as a large slab of stone and then would have to be machined and hand carved to the desired shapes. We can source natural stone trays made of several different materials, such as granite, marble, sandstone,and travertine.

Stone Resin Trays

● Low profile (40-45mm high) which offers a sleek and elegant look.
● Superior impact strength, rigidity, and durability.

Stone Resin is a material used by the tile industry to mimic the look of natural stone. Stone resin is far cheaper to produce than items made of natural stone.

Stone resin tray comes with a skin of acrylic capped ABS sheet or gel-coating.

Acrylic capped ABS sheet skin consists of a thin top layer of acrylic bonded to a thick layer of ABS. This type of shower tray offers a number of advantages over other types such as gel-coat. Primarily, the acrylic makes for a shiny and hard protective surface. This layer is also made from the same material that most bathtubs are made from which means the shower tray colour will match that of the bathtub.

Also, as a co-extruded material, acrylic-capped ABS combines the normal ABS characteristics of impact strength and durability with those of PMMA including scratch resistance and aesthetics. This increases the shower trays strength to prevent cracking and chipping.

The shower tray is then backed and reinforced with stone resin to provide general robustness and sturdiness.

SMC Trays

● Low profile (40-45mm high) which offers a sleek and elegant look.
● Formability: good flowability, very suitable for the products of the large size and complex construction.
● Production: high yield, suitable for volume production.
● Dimensional stability: the dimension of the formed product is stable.

As a new manufacturing methodology in most of the bathroom market, yet well proven in other industries, SMC uses fiber reinforced polymers, moulded with heat and pressure. Quality is consistently high, thanks to the impregnated fibres, and the resulting shower trays are strong and yet lightweight – every design weighing in at less than the 25kg one man lift target and around 50 per cent lighter than stone resin counterparts. Integral to the design of the new SMC trays is the pattern of strength forming ribs that criss-cross the back of the tray. The underside is hollow to reduce unnecessary weight, yet the tray is robust thanks to this strengthening lattice. SMC manufacturing is a superb process for highly repeatable and high volume products, which is ideal for the bathroom market and for shower trays in particular. It has very high set up costs so has been out of reach for many manufacturers in the past, but now we can supply this product in many designs and sizes. These lightweight, low profile (40mm in height) and low cost trays are ideal at entry level.

Other Features

Trays may be high or low walled and with or without adjustable legs and side panels. Some are supplied
complete with waste fittings and there may be a choice of high gloss or silk surface finish. Slip resist surface are
available to help reduce slipping.

Adjustable legs allow infinite adjustment of the tray to fit with uneven floors as well as easy access to the waste fitting. The legs are fitted to the underside of the tray and they allow the installer to adjust and correctly level the tray by rotating the legs on a screw thread.

Upstands on a tray help create a watertight shower enclosure. A tray with 2 upstands is tiled on two walls with tiling going right down over the upstands. A tray with 3 upstands is available when it is to be installed in a recess and tiling is carried out over three walls. A tray with 4 upstands is usually tiled on three walls but on the fourth side the frame for the shower door is fitted inside the upstand giving a completely watertight shower.

Waste fittings: a fast flow and easy clean waste and trap which incorporates a chrome dome cover can
be supplied with the shower trays.

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