Often referred to as "the factory of the world"? China appeals to companies looking for materials, components, and semi-finished or ready-made products at more competitive prices. If you are looking to reduce production costs or want to spend less time on production and more on sales and marketing, then you may want to look at what China can offer.

Almost any manufactured item can be sourced in China. Products that will provide the most savings are those with high labor content, stable design (with long product lifecycle, and low variability and degree of customization), obtainable technology, and relatively low transportation costs (low weight and volume).

The key to successful sourcing in China is to have a presence in China so as to learn about the local technology level and production capabilities, to visit and establish close relationships with the factories, to control the quality of the goods both during production and prior to shipment, and to know the new market players and opportunities right when they arise.

Too often we have heard how a poorly-managed sourcing project gets out of hand and turns into a disaster. As an experienced sourcing firm, Linkan is dedicated to eliminating unnecessary

risks concerning quality, delivery, and fraud for our clients. It is our job to make the sourcing process easy and risk-free, so our clients can focus on design, marketing, and distribution of goods and not worry about production.

Our services cover managing the whole supply chain of supplier sourcing, production management, quality control, logistics arrangement and ongoing communication.

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